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Weddings are about relationships. 

Weddings are about relationships. Relationships with you and your fiancé', your families, and your friends. You should feel a sense of teamwork and excitement on your day. We want you to feel that same thing when you hire us to do your wedding.


We want to get to know you and we want to get to know you and your partner in a deeper more meaningful way, so that we can better document your story that reflects your personality and style.



What do you know?

Our experiences make us who we are. And I have a lot of knowledge of weddings and videography. I have successfully operated wedding video departments, and own and manage After Rain Studios. I have also partnered with multiple film studios here in Denver to produce and direct some major productions including music videos, short films, commercials and documentaries. A few of these studios are 121studios, All Digital Studios, George Street and James Drake films.  Of these projects, the wedding videos seem to produce the most rewarding and satisfying relationships.

The mission
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