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The birth of a blog(ger)

I must admit the very idea of posting up my thoughts and ideas to the interwebs reminds me of being a 7th grader and performing my first role in a stage production of "up the down staircase." It is exciting and new and ultimately (in this case) resulted in me finding something very instrumental in my development as a human being. It is also terrifying.

You always run the risk someone will extract some nonsense from something you have said and conversely that someone will find something useful; beautiful.

Of course I do this for the latter. But, there is an underlying purpose of introducing myself to a community of fellow wedding professionals and thusly bettering myself in my craft and skills. And so it begins.

Yes, I am a wedding videographer. You may think to yourself, that's not very glamourous, and you would be right and also wrong. Let me explain. Using a camera in itself isn't a very glamourous thing. You put a battery in then some form of recording media and then you point at things and push a button hoping to capture magic. Oh! But that's it! The magic! Just like any other artist (a painter, a musician, etc.) you are looking to inspire others by the imagery you produce. So finding the right light during a dance, or capturing a crying parent during vows is just another form of art. And that is why I love what I do.

Where else can you meet people at their best and worst and most vulnerable spot, whilst also capturing them looking their best, at the best location they could find, with all of the best people they know, having the best time. I am absolutely sure that last sentence is a run on sentence.

So, here I am world! Here I am interwebs! I am Jeff Rood and I am a wedding videographer.

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